Registration Fee
$25 (for all students, new and returning) 

Mommy and Me Ballet
$45 per month

Pre-school and 5&6 year olds
$50 per month for ballet/tap combo class (1 hr class)
$30 per month for 5&6 year old jazz/hip hop class

Levels 1 and 2
(All 30 minute classes)
$30 per month for Ballet
$30 per month for Tap
$30 per month for Jazz
$30 per month for Beginning Hip Hop
$30 per month for Musical Theater
$30 per month for Intermediate Hip Hop (Ages 9-12)

Level 3 – 6
(All 45 - 60 min classes depending on level)
$45 per month for 1st class
$40 per month for 2nd class
$35 per month for 3rd class
$30 per month for 4th class
$25 per month for 5th class
$25 per month for 6th class 

Specialty Classes
$45 per month for Intermediate Hip Hop (Ages 12+)
$45 per month for Boys Hip Hop
$30 per month for Pre-teen or Teen Ballet
$30 per month for Pre-teen or Teen Tap
$30 per month for Pre-teen or Teen Jazz
$65 per month for Dance/Drill Team Class
College/Adult Punch Cards (no expiration)
$50 for 5 classes
$80 for 10 classes
$100 for 15 classes

Ballroom – 5 week sessions
$50 per person (single) or $100 per couple 

Family Discount
10% off month’s tuition for 2nd child
10% off month’s tuition for 3rd child 

Baylor Discount
10% off month’s tuition if a parent works at BU 

Baylor and Family Discount
10% off 1st child’s tuition
10% off 2nd child’s tuition 

Costume Deposits
You will be billed a costume fee for each dance class your student is enrolled.  Costume deposits are billed starting in October and in months following depending on the number of classes your student takes.  If your student’s costume is less than the deposit, your account will be credited. Costume deposits are $60 per costume. 

Recital Fee
Our recital will be held on June 15 and 16 at the Midway Performing Arts Center.  Each student is charged a recital fee that helps cover the cost of renting the large auditorium and dressing rooms in this fine facility as well as cost of producing a professional show. This also prevents us from having to sell tickets so we can provide two free shows for families, friends and the community.
JSOD Tuition & Fees 
Tuition for dance classes is billed monthly by mail or email.  Tuition is due on the 1st of each month.  If payment is not received by the 10th of each month, a $10 late fee is charged to the student’s account.
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